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Press (click to view links)

Glamour Magazine South Africa: Style Profile (August 2016)

GRAZIA Magazine: 5 Minutes with Esosa E (July 2016)

Destiny Magazine (South Africa): Nigeria's Esosa E Shines Across the Globe (May 2016)

Daily Voice South Africa: Fashion Queen Conquers Stage (April 2016)

Afternoon Express (South Africa): Esosa E | World Health Day (April 2016)

Elle Magazine South Africa: Meet 'An African City's' Esosa E (July 2015)

emPower Magazine: Star Power: Actress & Producer Esosa E is a Raw Diet Evangelist (July 2015)

The The Afropolitans: 10 Artists & Entrepreneurs You Should Know (May 2015)

Black Enterprise: Cool Jobs: How Global Actress and

Author Esosa E Paves Her Own Lane in a Creative Career (April 2015)

EBONY: "Raw Veganism Cleared Up My Acne" (June 2014) 

AfroElle Magazine: "Inside An African City" (May 2014)

Skinny Bish: "Interview with Esosa E AKA Ngozi from Hit Show An African City" (May 2014)

#BBCTrending: Africa's Answer to Sex & the City (March 2014) 

Bella Naija: "Solo Gets What Solo Wants! Not Quite Mister!" (February 2013)

Culture Shock Nigerians: "Nigerian-American Actress Shines in New Nollywood USA Film (February 2013)

Zen Magazine Editorial & Cover (April 2012)

"Learning the Craft at GIAC," The Ithaca Journal (January 2012)

"Hatshepsut, The Female Pharaoh," The Ithaca Times (January 2012)

"The First Lady of Egypt," The Ithaca Journal (January 2012)

Applause Africa Magazine "30 Most Intriguing Africans in New York" (November 2011)

VIBE Vixen of the Day (November 2011)

Kamoy Magazine (October 2011)

CNN Inside Africa Interview, "Lights, Camera, Fashion." (July 2011)

OBAASEMA Magazine 2011 Young African Visionary

Culture Shock Nigerians in America, Radio Int., “Artists to Watch: Esosa Edosomwan, “ (October 2010), Online Blog Entry, “Ford’'s Inspired By Color Winner Shares Experience at the BET Awards” (July 2010)

LadyBrille Nigeria, Online Feature, “Esosa E Grand Prize Winner of Inspired By Color Casting Call,” (June 2010)

Newd Magazine, Radio Interview, “You’ve Got That Exotic Look”, (September 6, 2009)

The Obenson Report, Podcast Interview, (January 2008)

The African Magazine, “On The Horizon: Esosa Edosomwan,”  (November 2007)

Cornell Chronicle, “Senior Esosa Edosomwan wins 2005 Playwriting Award” (March 2005)





2012 Vote it Forward Film Festival - Best Documentary 


2011 Inspired By Color Campaign- Ford Fiesta Grand Prize Winner


2009 Best Short Film at Nigerian Entertainment Film Festival


2008 Brooklyn Arts Council Re-grant


2008 MTVU Film of the Week


2008 Western Union Audience Choice Award 


2008 Quarterfinalist PAGE International Screenwriting Awards


2007 Frances E. Williams Artist Grant


2007 MTVU Filmmaker Mentorship w/ Joel Schumacher


2005 Heermans - McCalmon Playwriting Award




2004 Cornell Council of the Arts Grant Award 


2003 Cornell Council of the Arts Grarnt Award


2003 Oustanding Fashion Design


2003 Avon Goal Model


2002 Black Fashion Museum Design Competition Winner

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